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Web Design and Development for your business provides a landing position for your business online. The one place where people can search and see your business online and it needs to be perfect. You want to ensure that you can be found, quickly efficiently and your brand awareness is on point. 90% of people utilize search engines to find a business’s website. Be one of those businesses today.

Step 1: Asking the Right Questions

In our initial conversation with you, we ask the questions that no one else will care to ask to ensure that your website is exactly what you are looking for. Some examples include:

  • Your Budget
  • The goal for your site
  • Design Requirements
  • Required Features
Step 2: The Development

We exclusively develop websites on the free WordPress platform using Beaver Builder to ensure that your website LOOKS great, feels great and most importantly always works.

We build in reporting timelines in order to provide you with the most comprehensive customer service and keep you in the know all the time about your site.

*Check out why we use beaver builder later on this page*

Step 3: Deployment

We have a variety of options for you to choose from to deploy your website on the World Wide Web. You can purchase your own hosting plan from an outside source, we recommend:


You may also decide to purchase hosting from us on one of our maintenance and updating plans, more info in step 4.


Ask us about your options for deployment.

Step 4: Updating and Maintenance

We build our websites so that this step is unnecessary in terms of our packages, however, there are times as a business owner you want peace of mind and be allowed to just run your business and not have to worry about your website or updating it or breaking it in any way.


Our main goal is to create a site that you will be able to update on your own when necessary with an easy to use an interface called beaver builder, however, once we install this platform there will be NO UPDATES for this plugin for you later and no support either if something stops working.

The only way to ensure that your website is functioning all the time is to select one of our maintenance packages that includes 2 hours of website updates a month as well as keeping things updated in terms of plugins, WordPress itself and backups for your site so if anything were to go wrong we can get it back up and running quickly.

Why Beaver Builder and WordPress

If you do not already know most websites are powered by WordPress which is a content management system (CMS). It takes a lot of the hard work out of building a useful website and there are a ton of extra plugins that extend the usability of WordPress. It is also open source software that anyone has the ability to use.


Now the next part about Beaver Builder is one of those extensions that we utilize at Lovenet Web Services to build out websites easily, efficiently and make them look AMAZING!


It also provides you the business owner the ability to update your own website if you only want to purchase a website built by us. We also offer additional maintenance and hosting services for your business needs. This allows you to focus on your business and not updating your website and learning how to use the system.


One part of our web design process is SEO and increasing rankings ina  variety of ways. We utilize SEO as a cornerstone of our process and build out. Any changes that you make could easily decrease your businesses rankings on Google and other search engines, therefore it is recommended to purchase our website maintenance and updating so that your site does not lose its rankings in the search engines.


By taking the hassle out of developing and designing websites with hand code, which takes longer and might get a good result, the long run effect might mean having to go back to the same person to understand what happened or to fix the issue and could cost you more in the long run. We use open source software to decrease that likelihood and allow you to use other service providers if you see fit or did not like us the first time around, but we guarantee that you will love us!

Get Beaver Builder Now!

Getting a business website developed now can take a lot of time and money. We have simple pricing structures for websites and will help you understand your budget, needs and what is important for your website as a business. We will not attempt to swindle you or take advantage of your business, because that is not our mission. We want to help build your business not tear it down with fees that pile up.


Some of the websites that we have completed in a quick turnaround were FUMC Cheyenne, First United Methodist Church. They were having difficulties with their web design company, they kind swindled them and took advantage of them and did not deliver a finished working product.


Lovenet Web Services came in and developed a website on a very quick turnaround to ensure that they had a website working and functioning fast. Continuing to work on the website after to provide the additional functionality that they requested. Our team is still working closely with them to provide them what they need on a continual basis.


This is what makes us different than any other web design and development company. Maintaining our reputation and increasing customer relations so that they continue coming back again and again and tell all of the people that they know about the service they received.


Get your business website developed today by connecting with us and getting a free consultation so we can determine if we are a good fit for you, there may be times where we cannot accommodate a businesses needs or functionality of their site. We will let you know about this upfront prior to building any website.