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Why is SEO Important

Did you know that Search Engines are your small businesses key to success?


You didn't? Well SEO is your small businesses key to more clients, charging a higher price and increasing the number of sales that you are able to get. SEO is also not a process that is a quick overnight fix like many larger companies want you to think. There is a process and required type of work that needs to be done to do it right.


You cannot just set it and leave it, many companies offer $59/month for SEO and increased traffic and google ranking. Simply put this is not even close to enough and you might see a slight improvement now, but once someone knows what they are doing or is using our service you will lose everything they are doing for you, they will probably even call you and say you need to pay them more to get better rankings. That is their strategy.



How do you do that?

The simple answer is that we build you a stellar website that attracts customers!

Longer Answer:
We develop our websites with the search engines in mind so that you can focus on your business and making the most money possible. We look at a variety of information and keep on top of the changes to the Google ranking algorithm to ensure that we stay higher than our competitors when it relates to search engine placement. There are so many factors that we will be unable to discuss them all here. During our initial call ask us to explain and we would be happy to assist.

Our SEO Service

At Lovenet Web Services we pride ourselves on being the most comprehensive SEO service for local small businesses. Our service allows you to focus on what you do best, which is to run your business. Let us work on the small stuff that can bog you down day to day and lose focus on your customers. Through our process, you will feel relieved and have the ability to work more and obtain more customers increasing your profits.


  • Local Small Business Page 1 Ranking
  • Local Keyword Research and Optimization
  • Google My Business Ranking / Map Ranking
  • Influence and Citation Ranking
  • SEO Maintenance and Optimization

SEO is not a set it and leave it type of process. As you might notice from our process below there are steps to take in order to make progress. It is also not an overnight fix for your business. It can take up to a year depending on the market to rank high on google. Our process will ensure that in the long run your business will make more money.


Be that business owner that invests into their business in order to make more in the long run. We will help you get there and you will be extremely happy that you did. Maybe that means more time with family, more toys, bigger house etc etc etc. Our goals are your goals.

Our SEO Process

5 Step Process

2 Year process to VAULT your business into GROWTH  mode.


Step 1: Website Design/Redesign and Launch

Month 1

Step 3: Technical Website SEO

Months 2-12

  • Competitor Backlink Research
  • Backlink Planning and Scheduling
  • Influence Domain Created
  • Influence Content Creation
Step 5: Updates/Placement Anchoring

Months 12 - 24

  • Update Content Monthly
  • Continue Review Strategy
  • Backlinking Anchor Placement
  • 2nd Round of Influence Linking
Step 2: Google Maps Acceleration

Months 1-6

  • Local Citations Created
  • Citations Activated/Indexed
  • Maps Listing Overhaul
  • Longterm Listing Review Plan
Step 4: Assessment and Goal Setting

Month 10

  • Evaluate Search/Maps Placement
  • Establish Ranking Goals
  • Schedule New Content Creation
  • Adjust Review Results as Needed

** After 24 months your business will be in a great place in terms of search engine placement that will continue as long as this process continues. If you decide after 24 months that you want to discontinue this service you will see a major drop in your SEO Placement as well as Map placing. **

Additional Features

Strategy Calls for your Business


Call Tracking Number (Add-On)


Special Support Team


Discount on Additional Services

Competitor Analysis Available


Unlimited Website Updates *


Includes Google My Business Service

*We have a proven process for ranking websites. This helps bring the website to the top of Search Engine Rankings. Too many updates or changes can be a detriment to the ranking. Even though we offer unlimited updates and changes, please understand that we might suggest not to do certain changes because it could hurt your rankings.



Having an SEO plan is just the beginning. We work with you to understand your business needs and goals. 



Our process includes easy to follow steps in which we continuously monitor and communicate results with you on a monthly basis.



Launching your business into overdrive will be our primary focus. All we ask of you is to be ready and prepared to make more money than you have ever before. That is how confident we are in our process.