Lovenet Web Services

We include Review and Reputation Management onto all of our services because it is one the more IMPORTANT factors relating to a business's Google Maps placement and increasing the number of leads that your business receives. Google LOVES Local and LOVES Reviews. So staying on top of reviews early and often is very important.

What do I get from this?

A platform that assists you in monitoring and obtaining new reviews for your business. Each business is different, however, the ones that have great, relevant and recent reviews look better to a customer.

Step into the shoes of your possible customer/client. They are looking for a service like yours...they do some research on possible businesses in the niche you are serving. They find 3 businesses:


1st Business

Has No Reviews but ranks high on page 1 of Google.

2nd Business

Has Good Reviews but they are over a year old.

3rd Business

Has Great Reviews that have been completed consistently every month.


Our service provides a platform to be like business 3 but better in every way. Become the business that everyone else wants to be like or compete with. No one will know how you are doing it, we are your coach in the corner of the ring, with ultimate tricks to beat Goliath.

Why Review and Reputation Management? What do I care?

Online reputation is even more important than SEO, a good website or any of those other possibilities. It provides a picture of your business to potential customers. The reason why this is important are highlighted below:


  • 97% of people search online for local businesses
  • 93% read online reviews
    • Most check 2 or more review sites before purchasing
  • 85% of people trust an online review as if it were a personal recommendation (Word of Mouth)
  • 77% believe that a review that is older than 3 months old is irrelevant

With this new understanding, you can see why maintaining a good reputation and reviews from your customers are important. This is extremely difficult because many clients have a good experience but do not leave a review unless reminded over and over and over again or you have it as part of the process.


We deliver a platform that assists your business in getting reviews from those customers that were happy and encouraging those that had a negative experience to connect with you directly in order to make amends or fix the issue.

Customers that have a bad experience are 3X more likely to leave a negative review.

My reviews are amazing already do I really need this?

We totally understand that your business is doing great right now, however, will this always be the case? What if you hire one person and you start getting bad reviews and you don't even know you are getting those bad reviews and you do not have a process in place to fix it?


Yeah, this is a lot of what if's and possibilities and you have a great training program. Understanding your reputation is the number one way to not play catch up when your reviews start to go bad. Be on top of your business now so that if things go bad you have a plan and are ready to move forward to combat any possible issues that arise.


We will help you stay on top of your reputation. Contact us today in order to manage your reputation.