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Our Lead Generation Service

Have you tried paying big name sites such as Home Advisor or Angie's list with little to show for it? Were they charging you more money then you want to pay and providing little value?

That is where we come in. We provide high-quality lead generation services by creating a website dedicated to the service that you provide. This website will rank in google and generate leads for your business that you will get instead of your competition. This means that you need to be on top of your game when it comes to closing these leads and making them customers. 

We develop this site for you in your niche with our phone number and tracking software. This number is personalized for your business and will send you leads directly.

We generate the leads for you by building a personalized site in your service and area. Then all of the leads generated from that site will be sent directly to you. 

Do You Sell Leads to More than one business owner?



We believe that our partnership with you should remain with you. We are not like home advisor and do not double dip on the leads we generate. They are yours and yours alone.

At Lovenet Web Services we pride ourselves on being ethical and upfront about our service and how we do business. Ask us we won't be shy.

How We Do It Differently!

We partner with a local business and only ONE local business in a specific area such as Tree Service. We only send the leads we generate to that business. This means more business for you. We also optimize this lead gen with our SEO services to ensure that you are getting the most leads you can get for your business. 

  • Local Phone Number
  • Tracking of that Number
  • Recorded Phone Calls for Training Purposes
  • Know when you get a lead from us when the phone rings
  • Can setup any type of payment form (ex. Pay Per Call, Commission, Flat Fee)

Our Lead Generation Properties

When you partner with us, we expect certain things as you probably will as well. We want you to have unrivaled customer service similar to what we supply to you. We are only using ONE business partnership per lead generation site so we expect you to be providing the BEST  service for your customers. As long as our partnership is mutually beneficial we will continue to send your business leads. We do reserve the right to discontinue doing business with you if you are unable to provide the highest quality of service to your customers since we want to continue to get great reviews for our lead generation site, which HELPS YOU and helps US.

3 Step Lead Generation Process

Our Process garners Leads within 30-90 days with an accelerated process proven to get you more business
Step 1: Lead Generation Site Development
Step 2: Google Maps Acceleration
  • Local Citations Created
  • Citations Activated/Indexed
  • Maps Listing Overhaul
  • Long Term Listing Review Plan
  • Competitor Backlink Research
  • Backlink Planning and Scheduling
  • Influence Domain Creation
  • Influence Content and Linking
Additional Features

Call Tracking Phone Number

​Premium Content

​Flexible Payment Options

​Continual Support from Our Team

Recorded Calls - For Quality Assurance of Customers

​Page 1 Google Search Ranking

​Discounts on Additional Services