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Who Are We?

Lovenet Web Services is your Local Digital Marketing company for small businesses. Are you just starting out or looking to expand and grow your local business? We can help your business in a variety of areas to boost customer satisfaction, retention, and the number of clients you receive.

What Do We Do?

We do all the hard work of marketing and obtaining clients for you so that you can focus on what you do best, which is RUN YOUR BUSINESS. 

Take the hassle out of developing a website and ranking it high on Search Engines. In this day in age, you need to be located on the first page of Google. That is where we come in and help get you to the top. Check out our data on ranking on Google and why it is important.

Take Back Your Market

Are your competitors crushing your marketing scheme and getting all the clients? Look no further as well will make you the one they want to beat. We develop strategies that will crush your competition depending on YOUR budget and business needs. Do not pay for something that you do not need. 

Our Team

Michael Loveland Avatar

Michael Loveland



Owner of Lovenet Web Services does all of the work to ensure that your business is getting found and seen on the web. He will ensure that everything is completed and will personally ensure that all projects are reviewed by him no matter how big or small the project. He will make sure that your priorities are followed and that your business is being represented correctly. He won't let a single thing go wrong with your business.

Cody Loveland Avatar

Cody Loveland



You won't see Cody every day or really at all at Lovenet Web Services, however, she is the one who keeps things running smoothly. She ensures that editing is done properly and that your business is being represented with proper grammar and make you look good. She does a lot of work behind the scenes that isn't noticed, but she is an integral part of the process and the team. Be rest assured that your project will go off without a hitch.

Work With Us!

We would love to work with you and help your small business grow into the future. Contact us to find out how we can help your business grow into the digital future.